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Another 10 Tropical Prodigies for 2016

So, who are the best tropical producers below the surface? You’ve read about a lot of promising producers in part I and part II of this series (oh you haven’t? Go click those links!), but this time we’re diving even deeper. So put on your scuba set, take some pineapples with you and follow me to the breeding place of tropical prodigies!

In the previous parts I considered producers with a SoundCloud fan base of less than 20k and less than 10k, because let’s face it, there are just so many people producing tropical house these days. This time I’m listing the best tropical prodigies with less than 1000 SoundCloud followers!


If you’re following this blog on SoundCloud you shouldn’t be surprised by our number 1. Ever since I discovered Flo aka Goldwave he’s been putting out refreshing tropical house tunes, backed by solid basslines and with happiness all over. Now that the 20-year old German is working on original tracks as well, 2016 should be his for the taking.


Santiago-based Adolfo Sistek is a true master of chills. In each of his remixes he manages to create a very cosy laid-back feeling which I’d describe as lying on an air mattress in the middle of a huge swimming pool surrounded by palm trees. Just like Goldwave, he’s close to reaching 100k plays on SoundCloud alone already, but this year should have much more for him in store.


Even though his latest track is already 8 months old, Kopa is a name that I expect all of us to hear more from soon. He started putting out tropical remixes a year ago and it’s especially his awesome track selection which makes him stand out. Turning The Cinematic Orchestra into a tranquil tropical tune is not easy, but this Aussie’s best choice yet was remixing Jamie Lawson’s single. This will not leave your head for a while. Were you expecting that?


One of the younglings in this selection, Italian Sandro is however on the tropical scene for almost a year already. Over this time he has been putting out both remixes and originals, of which his latest is more on the melodic deep house side, but it still has the chilled out vibe that characterises all of his work. If he keeps developing his production and style this way, 2016 could see him doing big things.

Mark Mendy

We’re staying in Italy with Mark Mendy, who is actually a step ahead of his fellow list members: he already officially released a track with the Dutch Diepgraven Records. In my opinion his other original track is at least as good though, making good use of a wide range of instruments combined with quality vocals. Impressive stuff, Mark might be on your radio before you know it!


The Scandinavians aren’t as over-represented in this list as in the previous two, but Alivio from Sweden is here together with a compatriot. With an official remix and two energetic originals to his name, 2015 was already a good year, but this one should be even better. His last track shows an impressive combination of production and songwriting skills, gaining him over 100k plays on SoundCloud already. Alivio won’t be under the 1k followers mark for much longer!


On to our next Swede! Jebase, formerly known as Kuyah, has been quite busy over the last couple of months. Ed Sheeran and Jasmine Thompson might not be the most original artists to add a tropical touch to, I don’t mind if you do it very well. And that he did. 19-year old Kevin sped up Ed’s cover of O.T. Genasis’ love song into something that makes it hard to sit still. I might not be too easy to create originals of the same level, but for now let’s appreciate his remixes!

Simon Rosenfeld

This young Frenchie is actually the only one in this list (well, as far as I know at least) who doesn’t just produce, but also sings on his own tracks. Simon doesn’t waste time on edits, but created two very good original tunes that show off his combination of talents in the best way. Many more plays and fans are to follow this year, this guy is here to stay!

James Envoud

James is “trying to give some emotion to the people who listen my music”, as he says himself. And well, that’s what he does. A happy emotion, I’d say. His two tracks on SoundCloud speak for themselves: quality remixes that really add something extra to already outstanding songs. But next to those, there were multiple tracks with tons of plays on there taken off that you can still find on his YouTube. It’s worth taking a look, because this guy knows how to give you the right emotion!

Level 11

If Jebase has been busy, Level 11 has been busier than busy. As one of the few tropical house producers from the Balkan (Boehm is the only other I can think of now), Mike has already released two sweet remixes and even an original track since the beginning of this year. If he keeps up his working pace and manages to improve with every track, he’ll be in that Rafaello commercial in no time.


Once again, I had a hard time forcing myself into making a selection. But well, this blog is called Selected Sounds after all and maybe I’m just a little sadomasochistic. Nahh, not realy. Anyway. Here are 10 other tropical prodigies that you should check out before they explode:

Hilow Kris Kevin Lywait Marcus Westvik Joel DRMLND Tommy Kratch Matt Franco Fabio Carry Jesse Javan

So deep below the tropical surface it's almost impossible not to forget or miss anyone. Please let me know who you think should be in here!

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