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Mathew V

From the soothing sounds of jazz to energy-boosting dance music. If someone possesses a voice that enriches it all, it is Mathew V. At just 17 years old, the Canadian singer embarked on a musical journey taking him to a wide array of genres. Classical operette, jazz, theatrical vocals and dance pop. It’s all right up Mathew’s alley. Soave Records is one of the lucky labels to have him on board. His latest masterpiece with Mark Mendy called “Now Or Never” will ‘never’ get out of our heads and we love it. We caught up with Mathew to get a scoop on what’s still to expect from his musical adventures.


All jokes aside. Canada produces several of the world’s top vocalists. Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Shawn Mendes and Mathew V. Just to name a few.


Ha ha! Well, thank you for feeding my ego and including me in that list. I think that Canada has some of the most amazing talent in the world. There are a lot of artists here fighting hard to make noise against the American market, and I think we have to do twice as much to be half as heard sometimes. In turn, you’re left with some pretty talented artists who are also workhorses. We also drink maple syrup all day and ride on polar bears so that always helps with vocals. 


Okay, so maple syrup is the secret to having voice that suits so many genres. You are fluent in jazz and electronic dance music. Do you have a preference? 


I grew up singing jazz, musical theatre and classical music which I think will always be my bread and butter. Simply, because it’s the way I learned how to sing. But as I grew up I was such a fan of dance and pop music that I threw myself right into the middle of it. It keeps me on my toes dancing between the worlds. It’s been really exciting working in all different corners of music!

Well, it doesn't seem like you're the only one. More and more (popular) artists that are focussing on other genres seem to be influenced by dance and house music. Just take Drake and Beyoncé as prime examples. How do you experience this? 


In this day and age, dance or house music is undeniably hit music. It really has transformed into one of the most influential genres of modern music. I think that is a testament to all of the producers that started making tracks in their bedroom, to releasing on labels like Soave Records, reaching hundreds of millions of listeners, really shaping the genre… now all the way to Beyonce & Drake.

Sounds kinda nice, doesn't it? Are there any trends in music you’re noticing? 


Well, I think that there is becoming less of a priority on great skilled vocals in pop music, which I don’t think will last forever. It’s something I’m definitely pushing back against. One thing I love about dance music is that good vocal toplines are a huge part of the collaboration. There is something about a great vocal handing off to a great drop that is just *makes chefs kiss movement*.

Agreed! Taking about great dance music. You have released quite a few songs on Soave Records. Here is a tough question: Which one is your favourite collaboration so far and why?


How do I pick?! That is such a hard question! I think the most rewarding has to be "Love Songs" with Mark Mendy & HADES. Mark and I had wanted to work together for a while leading up to this track. He really pushed me to be the best that I could be and when it finally came together it was super rewarding! The new collabs are pretty exciting though. *winks*

We're getting excited now! But, about that 'collab' thing: you’re quite the expert if we talk about dance music collabs. How did you get to this point?


Thanks so much! I had never even considered dance collabs until I released my first one with Shaun Frank a few years ago. Then the pandemic hit and I was left with a lot of free time. Which I hate! So, I decided to do some research around doing more collabs. Once I figured out what I had to offer producers as a topliner, I fell in love with the collaboration process. There is a lot that goes into a successful topline pitch.

We know, right! What tips would you give your younger self?

I think my number one tip is making sure that your hook melody is tight and your stems are clean and ready to go. Make the pitch an easy 'yes'. If Soave ever wants to run a video series on topline pitching, you know who to call, ha ha!

That sounds like a great idea! Let's go for a little teaser. What are, according to you, some key elements of a great dance music collab?


Number one is a catchy chorus hook. You gotta have something that gets stuck in peoples head. I think “Love Songs” does that really well. Secondly, as a vocalist you have to know your strengths and what you have to offer. I know that I can offer really glossy harmonies, big soulful runs, and clean leads.


Right. How do we hear this in your last releases?

I think you can hear that in “Now Or Never”, another release I made with Mark Mendy. Being able to offer something that is above and beyond what a producer might normally get. Like, 16 tracks of harmonies. It makes your pitch a bit more enticing and it makes a song that is more interesting and fun to listen to. 


Okay, you teased us a little already. Any upcoming projects or songs you want to tell us about? 


Sure! I have a few new releases coming out on Soave that I’m really excited for. Some big collabs which I think will be big. I’m also recording a new solo record that is going to be something that no one really expects from me, which I’m very excited about as well. And... that's all for now.

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