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With their new single, FIXL and Topher will become your Friends

Who says tropical deep house should only be happy? Definitely not FIXL, the South Korean producer who teams up with Topher on his new single.

“I went through a lot of stuff back then and my life changed overnight”, the British singer comments. “I was in a relationship with a girl and she couldn’t deal with how much it changed me and we just grew apart. She broke up with me and if I’m honest, I’ve never gotten over it.” This song was Topher’s way of trying to come to terms with the break up. “I use music like therapy sometimes. It’s the best way of getting my emotions and thoughts out, especially when you can’t speak to the one person you really need to about it.” The song, though heartbreaking in its lyrical content, is strangely comforting in the way it makes you feel like you aren’t alone in experiencing all the emotions that come with the longing for a lost love. The beauty of the lyrics are easily matched by FIXL and Topher’s skilfully crafted melodies, and soft, laid-back vocal style which all combine to make a heavenly addictive and incredibly promising song.

Listen here!

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