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We’re Breathing in the beauty of HNE and maybealice’s new track

Ever wonder what it feels like to be out of breath? HNE surely does as the artist attempts to take our breath away with a single called ‘Breathing’. For this Soave debut, the talent invites maybealice, who had a good run in 2022. Her single ‘Easy’ received over 3 million streams and in 2023, she returned for a chill house release that begins with a laid-back acoustic vibe.

Around the 10-second mark, the sound of drum kicks come along and it complements the intro like a breath of fresh air. It’s soothing yet dreamy, with some soft vocals that capture us in the feeling of melancholy. With subtle claps that make up the atmosphere, this soulful song will take your breath away!

Listen here!

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