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Toby Rose releases Danish tropical vibes with a Latin attitude

Toby Rose is presenting a perfect atmosphere maker for those late summer nights imbued with electrifying energy and love-aroused senses. His signature tropical house style infused by the characteristics of the dance music genre is a refreshing addition to the scene. ‘Dios Mio’ serves up a perfect combination of beach grooves, smooth guitar riffs, and tropical drums.

Undertoned by an ardent confession of a man who adores his woman and would follow her anywhere she goes. As Toby explains his creative inspiration for the track: “The story is about a man who would do anything for his woman and every time he sees her, he is thinking ‘Dios Mio’. which is the Spanish way of saying ‘Oh my god’”. We can assure that this song will leave señoritas weak at the knees and encourage guys to connect with their deepest emotions all around the globe. Your go-to track-tip for a next romantic date!

Listen here!

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