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This MKJ and Felix Samuel collaboration treats you to some delicious sax

It’s certainly no rarity for two artists from the same label to collaborate, but this one is definitely one to look out for: Soave’s MKJ and Felix Samuel join forces on ‘Someone Else’. The Texan producer underlays Felix’ vocals with a tight instrumental, culminating in a bouncy saxophone house drop.

"This song is a gritty look into losing someone and having them move on whilst you feel left behind”, the UK singer-songwriter explains. “It premises on your significant other finding someone new while you remain in the past, fixated on your wrongdoings rather than looking for a productive way forward. It is a story that resonates for many people, this song reminds the listener that simple things you take for granted can be taken away in a heartbeat. The undertone remains however: it is always better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all.”

Listen here

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