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Still can’t get away from these Rumors after 40 years

If you’re a true music aficionado, you might remember Timex Social Club’s R&B hit ‘Rumors’ from 1986. Fast-forward 37 years, it seems like we still can’t get away from these rumors Timex Social Club so vividly sings! For its 2023 rendition, welcome back Stephen Oaks who broke through last year with his ‘Milkshake’ cover with over 4.4 million streams. He also invites Rico Bernasconi who - after decades of DJing around the world - found even more fame through a few chart toppers like ‘Ebony Eyes’. This mix of experienced class with fresh young blood makes for an irresistible dance rendition of ‘Rumors’, one you really want in your pockets this summer! Listen here!

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