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Start chasing feelings with Sander W.'s first album

Nexeri - You & I (feat. November Lights) artwork

With years of experience and tens of popular releases, Sander W. thought it was time to release a complete EP. ‘Chasing Feelings’ is all about touching people with music, the Belgian producer tells us. All emotions play their part and each of the five songs tells its own unique story, with a special atmosphere created by the combination of vocals and instruments.

“Making music is my way of relaxing. I get a kick out of finding the right melody, the right vibe”, Sander explains. “I love collaborating with musicians and other producers. We always inspire each other with new ideas. Finishing a song gives you a rewarding feeling. Hearing your hard work paid off is something special.” The songs are mainly the chill, light melodic house type we know from the man with the Fox logo. “Melodic house is and always will be my main genre. It's the kind of music I can put all my passion and emotions into.” Listen to the album below or on other platforms!

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