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Sandëro: "My father's Disco Dance brought me into producing"

sandëro sander w. mr world remix filo vals

With his delicious remix for Filo Vals - Mr. World together with Sander W, Sandëro just made our summer. The young Italian producer is also close to hitting a million plays on his previous collaboration with Sander W., 'Warriors'. Time to get acquainted!


What kind of music did you listen to growing up? How has that influenced you?

"I grew up listening to music of all kinds, from hip hop to punk rock. But I can say that the Disco Dance of the ‘70s and ‘80s was what influenced me the most. My father was one of the first DJs of my city and he was the one who transmitted to me, besides the passion of football, the love of music. I still remember... I spent whole days listening to his vinyls trying to replicate the sounds of the tracks on synthesizers and on Music Maker. There was the beginning of my musical "career". Fortunately I began to "explore" the music world from a very young age and for this reason I will always be grateful to my father.’’

What made you decide to create music and become an artist?

"As soon as I turned 15, I decided to give something to the music world too. I saw Martin Garrix (and others) who, also very young at the time, had already became a star with 'Animal'. So, I asked myself: '' If he did it, why can not I try it too? ''. So I took a computer, downloaded Fl Studio and started playing with it.’’

Who are your favourite artists at the moment?

"You know, it’s funny. If I said it, you would not believe me considering my musical style. My favorite artist at the moment is Juice WRLD! As I already mentioned, I grew up listening to all sorts of musical genres and I'm obsessed with his new album 'Goodbye & Good Riddance' at the moment. My favorite track is 'All Girls Are The Same'. Lately I'm also listening to SYML. I love his tracks, relaxing and powerful at the same time.’’

sandëro mr world remix

Has your music changed over time?

"Of course, my music has had enormous changes. I started producing big room, melbourne bounce, hardstyle tracks up to the Deep House ones, which I think are right thing for me. I hope to have improved both in quality and style, but you know, you never stop learning.’’

What can you tell us about the new remix for ‘Mr. World’?

"It was a hot day in August and i was driving to go to the sea, in Versilia (Tuscany). During the journey I heard Filo Vals' track called Mr. World for the very first time. I was immediately struck by this acoustic song and I knew that i would had to remix it. As soon as I was at home, I wrote to Filo on Facebook to know if I would have a chance to remix it. He approved and then I immediately started the project. After that, I sent a message to my brother Sander and asked him if he wanted to help me on the remix. So the second collaboration between Sander and me was born.’’

What's the best concert/performance/event you’ve been to?

"Just this July, I was at the 'Rock in Rome' where Post Malone (and others) performed for the first time in Italy. It was fantastic, Posty is so awesome. His music and words can give you an absurd energy, especially live. I did not expect to, but I had chills all the time. I think it was the most beautiful festival I’ve been to. I went to WishOutdoor too, where I've heard many artists, but I have never had the emotions I felt with Posty.’’

3 words to describe you and your music? "Spontaneity, Improvisation, Unwind.’’

Listen to the remix on Spotify below or on other platforms!

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