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Premiere: Sander W. & Jiinio bringing emotions on collab

It's not the first time they made a song together, and this one got us on our toes once again - a catchy, melodic, dark-themed track with an apocalyptic touch and a glimpse of hope. With his newest single featuring THEABYSSS, Belgian man Sander W. and Jiinio from Beirut and Florida add to a truly impressive portfolio of originals that have gathered millions of streams and were supported by the likes of Robin Schulz and Sam Feldt. You rarely hear a track so gripping and with such an intricate story to tell as this.

"Day after day; night after night; I need some chemicals to get me by."

Moody vocal chops start off the track, and some hi-hats add to the groove. Drowsy and glum vocals pick up with similarly downcast chords to set the mood. Then, the chorus arrives: Here the vocal chops, plucks and guitar suggest a momentary possibility of survival and joy, and some clave fills accompany. Meanwhile however, the punchy kick warns that the relief may well be short-lived.

Indeed, somber feelings resume in the second break - but some strings now remind of the high. The second chorus arrives, and look! It comes with a refreshed feeling as the strings continue, and the joy feels more authentic than the first. The track leaves off on a high note signaling trust and hope for the future, and we sigh in relief.

Have a listen to this compelling track for yourself and delve into the mysterious atmosphere, who knows what you’ll find! Hear it in our Sunny Chills playlist below, or click here to find it on other channels along with a free download link!

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