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New Release: Nexeri & Yvette Adams spread tranquility in 'Ocean'

We are proud to present you with an absolutely gorgeous new track! 17-year old talent Nexeri from Novorossiysk, Russia teamed up with talented LA singer Yvette Adams to create a thing of beauty. This track will pick you up from your chair and place you in the middle of the vast ocean, gasping with amazement.

It's an expedition from a sandy beach into the great Pacific Ocean on a balsawood raft (Kon-Tiki anyone?). The angel-voiced protagonist is beckoned by the ocean and sets sail with someone playing an acoustic guitar on shore. As the raft moves away, the guitar becomes muted and waterdrop-like plucks bounce off the sail. A crewman starts playing another guitar, and it blends with some vocal chops reverberating off the waves.

The lonely raft breathes in tandem with the expansive sea, and the sail occasionally crackles in the wind. Its passengers appreciate the majestic presence surrounding them, and introspective thoughts fill their minds. The sea is still relatively calm and the Sun shining, but the ocean is breathing and everyone feels a slight apprehension mixed with excitement about the journey ahead. 🌊

We hope you enjoy this track as much as we did. You better have a compass handy! 😉

Download and stream the song here and listen to it with similar sounds in our chill playlist!

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