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Henri Purnell follows up to Force Of Nature success with new single Tidy Dancer

henri purnell tidy dancer artwork

While his previous release on Soave, Force Of Nature, is well on its way to a million plays, Henri Purnell presents the follow up in similar style! Tidy Dancer features English singer Jimmy Hennessy and presents the same funky dance vibes that gathered the German producer worldwide support for his collaboration with Cookin’ On 3 Burners. Drums, pianos, guitars and baritone: all instruments blend together for you to find your tidy dancer and get it groovin’!

“Working with Jimmy in London was a pleasure” Henri adds. “I’m continuing to make chill tracks, but this more funky vibe is definitely here to stay. Hope you all enjoy this one on the dance floor!”

Hear the track on all platforms here!

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