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Hallelujah, Masove and co. are here with a fresh take on It’s Raining Men

I’m sure that, like any other normal person, you’ll find yourself belting your lungs out to the Weather Girls’ most popular hit at any given moment. ‘It’s Raining Men’ might be one of the catchiest hooks we’ve heard, but now it’s been graced with a sumptuously fresh take by the likes of Masove, Brendan Mills and Niteblue.

These 3 producers combine magical piano chords with that slap house rhythm we can’t get enough of. Then, on the vocal cover is Tess Burrstone, known for supporting Sir Paul McCartney in a stadium of over 125,000, here to deliver a truly worthy take on the original, making this a hit you don’t want to sleep on!

Listen here!

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