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Get ready to vibe to AKI & Janethan’s debut on Soave alongside LO

The ‘Curtain Call’ is up, and AKI and Janethan are revealed for the first time on Soave. At only 16 years old, AKI has a particular fire in him waiting to break out, ready to prove himself on the deep house circuit. Fine melodies deftly float over a thumping bassline, where the final and most welcome addition comes in the form of gritty and powerful vocals.

The Mancunian singer who goes by Janethan brings a loud yet soulful voice able to grab any music lover’s attention in an instance. Alongside them in the production effort though, Berlin-based LO offers his experienced approach that has awarded him tens of millions of streams. In combining this mixture of ultra talent and major experience, ‘Curtain Call’ is a hit that can’t go unnoticed!

Listen here!

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