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Alisky and IOLITE are leaving traces in your mind with new collab

Alisky’s new song “Traces” featuring the emotive and moody vocals of IOLITE is a groovy, future house banger that incites within even the most sober of crowds an irrepressible urge to dance!


The 21 year old Finnish producer and DJ’s track presents a diverse combination of unique sounds and effects that create a vibrant and fiery energy. Through luscious, dynamic sweeps; pitched vocals that are rich in reverb and widespread delays; warm keys; vast, wet percussion hits and many layered synths, the track is able to build textually and through melodic intrigue.

The song’s powerful drop is driven by its vigorous baseline, which becomes a centre of focus as the catchy and infectious groove sucks you in, creating a compelling rhythmic drive. This supported by counter synths and wide plucks that introduce further variation within the drop! “'Call me a gold digger cause’ I found treasure inside you' is my favorite lyric” says IOLITE.“It summarizes the song perfectly. The song was written towards someone or something that you find complete joy in. When nothing else matters, when other people and situations let you down, and you still feel completely secure because of the true treasure that you have found. It follows you, does not leave your side - and won’t let you down.”

Ultimately, all of these elements work together to create something magical. Whether being playing from your car’s stereo system or blasted through the speakers of a nightclub at 3am, “Traces” is the kind of track that will make you want to lose yourself in the beat, forget where you are and what you’re doing and simply move.

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