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Aleexs and Jaxomy combine for a Latin house festival smasher

After storming into the club scene with ‘Let It Drop’ released via our imprint ‘Dusk’ earlier this year, Aleexs has made it his mission to become the go-to house music artist on the label. With a knack for combining live instrumentation underlined by gritty tech house beats, the Brazilian brings passion into his high-energy dance hits.

This time, alongside well-known Jaxomy who just broke 20 million streams on ‘MONTERO’, they bring ‘Vale la Pena’ to life. Effortless in its implementation of brass leads with smashings drums and bass, Aleexs and Jaxomy hit the nail on what a festival anthem should sound like. Don’t believe us? Have a listen - and if you end up humming along to the melody after your first listen, you have to send the tune to 5 of your friends!

Listen here!

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