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Premiere: Sander W. & Fanfar - Nobody But You (Ft. sophie)

After creating some of my favourite remixes ever (of Oskar and the Wolf and Tourist LeMC), two of the finest Belgian melodic deep house producers teamed up for their first original release together: Sander W. and Fanfar bring some great vibes again!


Following a smooth intro, sophie starts telling us about her night out while spotting this one special person, which Sander and Fanfar combine with a very uplifting drop. There's even some brass joining in halfway the track! And I don't know about you (well I do a bit, if you're reading this you must at least have a bit similar taste as I do), but I'm a sucker for brass! "We tried to create the perfect summer track", Sander adds, "which can also be played in the clubs to get your party started!"

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