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Selected Singer: Sondrey

rosendale fairytale

After some amazing covers and an original track with Wiéna released on our Selected Tunes channel, Norwegian Sondrey is now presenting his debut single! Issues is catchy electronic pop tune with a chorus that should have you moving in no time. Time to get acquainted!


Your single "Issues" just got released. Could you describe what it is about in three words?

A bad boy.

What message do you want to give the listeners with this song?

I wanted to show people that relationships often has some issues.

What are the title and lyrics about?

The song issues is about a guy that can’t change who he is for a girl.

Did you produce the track all by yourself?

No, I worked together with another producer. His name is Magnus Bertelsen.

Since when do you like to sing and since when did you decided to do it professionally?

It started out when I was 8/9 years old. I just started singing for fun, and my dad heard me sing, and said 'you should develop that voice'.

Is music a job or still a hobby to you?

It is already a full time job! I got a lot of gigs and I get paid for it. And it’s great!

What makes your voice unique?

My voice has a lot of emotions in it and can remind a little bit of Michael Jackson or The Weeknd.

Do you prefer working with new producers?

I'm not a big fan of working alone, I already work with a bunch of different producers so the more the merrier.

Which song impresses you?

Starboy by The Weekend. The reason why is because the production has a mix between modern R&B and 80s style, which gives it that Michael Jackson edge.

How do your releasing days look like?

Well this is my first single, so I have celebrated with friends that I’ve worked with on this, but nothing big like a release party.

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