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Premiere: jarradcleofé - Monstera EP

You might start to think we're all about that melodic deep house. You are wrong. Jarradcleofe challenges us to broaden our horizon with his latest EP, Monstera. Fresh wubs and soft swushes are awaiting you. All aboard the chill train!


San Francisco-based Jarrad fills his ambient yet jumpy electronic house tracks with perfectly placed and pitched vocal chops, background bleeps and more of that kind. Opening track Someone pulls you right into the vibe, but it's title track Monstera that I enjoy most. Hard to stay in any kind of mood that is not bright joy while you're listening to this. The melodic elements are simple but progress smoothly and surprisingly at the same time.

What does he have to say about it himself? "Hey what's good! I'm Jarrad - a DJ/Producer/Accountant out of California. Big into house music, horticulture and k-dramas haha. But yea these past couple of months have been wild in terms of my music output and how people have been embracing it - blessed AF. This recent EP that I released is collection of my current moods, thoughts and just music I've been vibing with."

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