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Premiere: Give Me Back Tonight (Mark Mendy Remix)

Did you also very much enjoy the original Give Me Back Tonight by Nick Peters, Nik Ernst and the powerful vocals of Tammy Infusino? And did you also think 'wonder what this sounds like if Mark Mendy remixes it'? Well what a coincidence, so did we! And guess what: it sounds great.


"I truly love the original song, you all should check it out!", Mark tells us. "The first time I heard it I thought that Tammy’s vocals were absolutely awesome but had no idea that I would have ended up with playing around with them and remixing the song! Then a few months later Tipsy Records launched the remix contest and I decided to try to give the song a different vibe. My aim was to do something more chill but still dancy, and - of course - bring a bit of summer into the song! Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do, oh and new original music is coming soon!"

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