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Koni ft. Danelle - Mad About You

Mad About You? Mad about this track we are! It's Koni's first original and also the first release on Bakermat's new Big Top label that's not his own. It's also incredibly fresh, mostly thanks to the velvet soft vocals by Danelle.


Out on the 20th of January, but already on his SoundCloud today, Koni shows his signature sound that we got to know through his popular remixes, hitting millions of plays each. Singer/songwriter Danelle features on this dancable but also very chill track. Pretty sure it's the first of some big original hits to come! We asked him what this debut original meant to him:

"This song certainly marks a big step in my career. I've been working on several originals for a while now and when Bakermat himself approached me to release my debut single on his new label, I felt very honoured. Working with Danelle has been an absolute pleasure, she is such a creative songwriter and has a golden voice! I tried to transfer the emotions of being uncontrollably in love and going crazy into my music. I hope you feel that too!"

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