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10 Best Deep Remixes of Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Releasing his debut album not even 4 years ago, Benjamin Francis Leftwich has proven himself a muse for many deep house producers, especially on the more tropical side of the genre. As the 25 year old singer-songwriter has not published any other album ever since, these producers have only had 10 songs to their disposal. The bright side of this is however, that once he finishes a new album, we can expect lots of good remixes to follow too.

For now though, I've listed the 10 best deep edits that I know. In the ideal world there would be 10 different producers each awesomely remixing one of the songs of Benjamin's album (which is called Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm by the way), but sadly we don't live in an ideal world. Prince of tropical Thomas Jack is featured twice and I've also added different versions of some songs, so you can pick your favourite. No Dutch pride in here this time, but we've got Kygo, Bearson, Palmier and Samuraii from Scandinavia and some Eastern European pride with JacM from Poland and Boehm from Romania. As always: if you're missing any, please let me know (;

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