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6 Perfect Combinations of Country & Deep House

Not that I'm particularly that much of a country fan myself, but when it's combined with a cosy deep house beat it somehow always renders a fantastic tune. I know this list is not too long, but I hope it serves as an inspiration for any producer reading this: please remix a country track! Now I can move on to congratulate the ones that already did with the awesome results. First up is Miami/Palm Beach resident Bobby Brush, probably the most succesful producer of the TropiKult family so far. He's remixed the summum of country music: the Zac Brown Band, as pictured on the image. It's the only tropical house track in the list, and perfectly blended with the original country vibe.

I've also selected French producer KarlK, who teamed up with singer GuitK for the chill tune Jeff. Then there's Krono, also from France, who you might know from their remix of Aaron Smith's 'Dancin'' two years ago (already!). They've remixed Johnny Flynn, who I actually forgot about over the last years, but fortunately that didn't mean he stopped writing songs. Italian Spada collaborated with singer Elen Levon for the house tune Cool Enough, where the country influence can be found all through the song, a very original take on the melodic house genre. The same can be said for the German duo BUNT, who aptly named their song 'Harmonica'. Guess what instrument features in it. Just like Spada's tune, this one's featured in my March mixtape! We're closing off with Austrian filous' remix of Damien Jurado's song Ohio. It might be more folk than country, but do you really mind?

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