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10 Tropical Edits of Epic '60s Classics

It's been a while since the last additions to this series, '80s and '70s, so I hope you'll excuse me for that and enjoy these 10 tropical house remixes of classic '60s tunes! In the previous episode I promised you some Marvin Gaye, and you're gonna get it. Kicking off Marvin mania is Alex Adair with Make Me Feel Better, an original track heavily leaning on Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrel's vocals from their track Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing. Then there's teenager Nativ Levy adding some nice sax tunes to Marvin's track Too Busy. Danish deep/tech house dj Notize is not really one for tropical tunes, but when he remixed Sunny a while back he made the perfect blend of the original tropical feel and some great house elements. The last Marvin Gaye addition is by Chicago-based house trio Autograf, who were one of many to remix I Heard It Through The Grapevine, but they did it in their own unique way!

From that side of the ocean we also have DC-based Eau Claire, who has been growing a lot in popularity over the year since she remixed Stevie Wonder's Uptight. Btw, she couldn't resist the urge to also remix a Marvin Gaye track, so go check out her take on How Sweet It Is if you can't get enough of him. Anyway, to continue our list, we've got Shemce from Canada remixing Ben E. King's classic Stand By Me into a very danceable tune with a fresh tropical feel to it. Switching back to good old Europe, there's enough French input in this collection: Millesim, or the former J-Art & Madan, created their tropical version of Simon & Garfunkel's The Sound of Silence together with Lyon Heart. Not an easy job given the original sound of the song, but they managed it very well. Anthelix from Paris gave The Supremes an infusion from the tropics, while Belgians Shaparder & LRX created a tropical disco sound with their Jackson 5 edit. Closing our list is Dutchie Mees Dierdorp with arguably not the most tropical tune ever, but the excellent fusion of the original '60s sound and some modern beats made me decide it should be in here.

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