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The Night Train Home - A Deep/Tech Playlist

Going out in Amsterdam, living in Rotterdam - that's when you take a night train home. So I did yesterday, and I decided to publish the tunes I listened during the trip. The 15 tracks are all in a certain electronic deep/tech house style and all 15 European-made, which is probably no coincidence. Although the Americans seem to be rapidly catching up on the tropical and house side of things, this is still a style dominated by mostly Germans, Scandinavians and French.

There's deep house outfit Tube & Berger, Paji, Christopher Schwarzwalder, Pingpong, Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda from Germany. Representing Scandinavia we've got Pete Oak and Notize from Denmark, plus Jonas Rathsman from the Swedish city of Gothenburg. But it's the Frenchies who win this round: with Feder, Agoria, Worakls, N'to and Joris Delacroix we've got 1/3 of the playlist coming from baguette country.

Maya Jane Coles is the only one not from the European peninsula, but not the only woman in the list. A night train home is not a place where i enjoy too many vocals, but Raving George's collab with fellow Belgians Oscar & The Wolf is an exception on this. And of course I couldn't forget Ten Walls aka Mario Basanov, the finest thing to come out of Lithuania ever. Enjoy your night train home!

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