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What Is It With Singers Named James?

Seriously, what is it? It seems by calling you James your parents grant you with a golden voice and the talent to write songs that perfectly suit that voice. Who am I talking about? You might have heard of James Blunt (and you still like to sing along to "You're Beautiful" in a too high-pitched voice - well at least I do). Or James Morrisson, although sadly I don't know a good remix of any of his songs (do you? Tell me please!).

But also James Blake, James Vincent McMorrow, James Bay with his iconic hat (see photo), and many more. At first I was also talking about Jaymes Young, my favourite of them all, but then I considered that cheating. Maybe next post... Anyway, I wouldn't be myself if I would only listen to the original versions, so I selected 13 remixes, mostly tropical and deep house, that still capture the original goodness of the songs. There are four Norwegian producers in this list, which kinda ruins my idea of writing a blog post about how good Norwegian producers are, but I think it'll still come. Next to some Germans I've also added some Dutch pride in there, with Layzie even living in Rotterdam. Yay for Rotterdam! So here you are: 13 Best Deep Remixes of Singers Named James. Did I miss any?

ps. Most of them are downloadable for free if you click 'view track'!

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