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To Start It All Off: Angus & Julia Stone's 10 Best Deep House Edits

So you might have guessed it; this is the first post on this blog. It's a Sunday afternoon and with some inspiration and not much else to do, Selected Sounds was the result. This way I can hopefully channel my annoying - to some - and enjoyable - to others - music sharing tendency. I'll be irregularly posting songs, playlists and mixtapes that I like or put together.

The first one is my top 10 deep house edits of Angus and Julia Stone's songs. Of course the originals are already really good, but here are 10 producers who put their own spin to it. I'll admit they're not all pure deep house, and if that bothers you I hereby offer my sincerest apologies. Or not. Anyway, enjoy and if you have any request for the next post, let me know!

ps. Most of them are downloadable for free if you click 'view track'!

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