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12 Reasons House and R&B Belong Together

We have my sister to thank for this post, as it all started with her asking me for a 'danceable R&B-House-mixtape' or something of that kind. It's been a while though, and since I'm lazy I haven't made the mixtape yet, but I still had the collection of tunes laying around. So I decided to make a selection out of it for your listening pleasure. Some of my favourite (deep) house producers have been remixing R&B (or soul) songs, and with Disclosure in the list there is at least one pair of them that you might have heard of. But the others are worth checking out as well, I've just chosen my personal favourites (surprising, isn't it?).

Putting this list together also taught me new things such as that the Mario singing 'Let Me Love You' is not the Mario (Winans) singing 'I Don't Wanna Know'. Interestingly, all originals have been sung by black people (whooh hey - it's R&B) while all remixes have been done by whities. How about that for a fun fact. I also noticed that female singers are a little under-represented in this list, so if you have any good suggestions please let me know!


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