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Soave Remix Contest | DT James - Voices

The greatest opportunity of your lifetime has come! Okay... maybe not the greatest but certainly a good one. We are announcing our Remix Contest together with DT James for his new song “Voices” where the winner track gets signed with us. 


Just follow the below steps: 

1) Download the stems from DT James “Voices”

2) Turn them into an amazing remix and submit it on LabelRadar using the button below

3) Make a video of yourself showcasing your remix and upload it using this form to get featured on our Instagram channel

Want to sign up but don't know where to start? 

Join our live Q&A on Instagram on November 11th at 12PM CET and have a chance to talk with DT James and Kimbo about the track!


Want to get some feedback on your demo? 

Join our Live Feedback Session here on Discord on November 18th at 12PM CET and get advice from our A&R and from the artist himself!


DEADLINE: In it to win it? Send in your remix here before Sunday, December 10, 2023 - 11.59 PM (PST)


For more information visit LabelRadar page and keep an eye out for new information on our Instagram page.

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