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What You Wanna Do, asks LissA on her new single

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

With her characteristic, sometimes almost childlike voice, LissA needs little introduction. Neither for Soave fans, as the German singer-songwriter already presented a very catchy track together with nowifi back in September. ‘What You Wanna Do’ is a more subdued follow-up, which definitely does not mean it is devoid of vibes.

“This song is about unconditional love and about truly wanting the other person to be happy”, the singer herself adds. “No matter how crazy the world is and how many challenges it gives us, at the end of the day you should see your partner and not be frustrated by all the „things you don’t like“ but rather focus on the things that make you happy like „hiking with a bottle of wine“.”

"We tend to drag our partner down when we’re in a bad mood instead of letting them cheer us up. That’s what this song is all about. Stop complaining about what you don’t like (because there is always stuff that you’ll hate), but enjoy what you have and spend your energy in making your partner happy instead of setting them in the same bad mood as you are in.”

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