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Toby Rose and ALUR invite Eirik Næss for a Careless Whisper

Oh how I can’t get tired of the infamous ‘Careless Whisper’ saxophone melody… And it’s my lucky day writing about this new Soave tune as Toby Rose, ALUR and Eirik Næss have splendidly covered the original while giving it a fresh chill house taste that we know you’ll appreciate. Toby Rose of Scandinavia has been taking the electronic scene by storm with his melodically rich chill house tunes amplified by live guitars. ALUR of France only debuted last year on the label, but the young artist is set for a fiery 2023, while Eirik Næss of Norway returns to Soave after his last Toby Rose collaboration that made some waves. This is a splash of summer you’ll truly want a dip in! Listen here!

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