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Somewhere between history and innovation: San Holo's Right Here, Right Now

San Holo Right Here, Right Now

If you could only feel ‘right here, right now’.


We are at a time where humans would rather look at phones than have a conversation with the soul next to them. With that kind of disconnect amongst mankind it’s no wonder why San Holo’s rise the last four years has been swift. The artist’s humble reputation precedes him and his realness transcends beautifully into his many crafts. Whether this producer from the Netherlands is shaping his sound, supporting the craft of others, or showing love to his fans, his love of music and passion for creation is always palpable and absolutely genuine. With everything the artist touches, expect to lose borders while maintaining a certain style that can only be felt when listening to San Holo’s music or that of his hand selected peers at bitbird.

This is music that is guaranteed to continue to evolve and push the envelopes of sound while still exploring the past. The past is the blueprint we need to build our future from - any future. San’s project, bitbird radio, helps to bridge the gap and is already at episode #009 and in only three months has showcased a range of new, as well as retro tracks from all kinds of artists that are nothing short of inspiring, if not masterful. With the grand amount of dedication San Holo puts into his work or better yet, his life, the sincerity behind his latest creation is truly tangible as well. Whether in the same room with another or miles away, pick up your phone if only to press play and allow yourself to be ‘right here, right now’.

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