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New Music Friday: Soave's latest music releases

You’re in for a hit when MOTi and Braaheim are In It For The Kill 

While renowned for producing multi-platinum hip-hop acts like Ty Dolla $ign and Wizkid, you probably know him for the infamous “Virus” in collaboration with Martin Garrix that swept through clubs, festivals and radio stations alike. Practically earning legendary status as both a DJ, producer, and behind-the-scenes talent, the Amsterdam-based artist debuts on Soave with a record that’s bound to dominate dancefloors worldwide. MOTi teams up with Soave mainstay Braaheim, the Norwegian favorite who has left no stone unturned on his quest to revitalize the biggest hits of yesterday. This time, they breathe new life into La Roux’s “In For The Kill”, utilizing that famous chorus to turn an already anthemic instrumental into a banger like no other. MOTi and Braaheim are “In It For The Kill” (metaphorically), and we’re all witness to the chaos that’s about to go down! 

Never Enough!

Summer arrives with a flurry of anticipated releases from Jay Mason, Horizon Blue, and Edwardo Atlas, whose stylish and successful deep house tracks like "Chasing Time" and "Need You" expertly fuse genre essence with pop appeal, promising warmth and companionship. Yann Muller, celebrated for his hit cover "Englishman In New York," continues to impress with his acoustic-melodic style effortlessly merging into dance beats, as seen in his latest single "Every Minute" with Dutch producer Dela Utca and singer-songwriter SEM, offering a captivating blend of chill house and acoustic indie pop. Toby Rose and One Trick Pony take listeners on an enthralling adventure with their deep house track "Run Red Lights," a fusion of acoustic elements and soulful vocals guided by stuttering synths, evoking the thrill of driving through red lights. Honest Regrets, along with Thomas Geelens and Dutch producer Sparkle, delivers the scintillating chill house track "8AM," perfect for staying up till dawn with its emotive dance touch, charmingly groovy just before the clock strikes "8AM". PLVTO enchants with "Where You Are," a vivid chill house track featuring ukulele fingerstyle, Natasha Ghosh's vocals, and lush synth work, promising a hypnotic and magical journey. Meanwhile, Lost In Reveries' "Beyond The Sun" combines acoustic and electronic elements seamlessly, inviting listeners on a soulful journey through weightlessness, solidifying the artist's position at the forefront of the chill house scene with his 5th release of the year.

ILYAA, known for his avant-garde "hypertechno" sound, teams up with singer-songwriter Kazhi for a smashing anthem, "Love Lies Bleeding," marking a return to original territory after raking in millions of streams with covers of infamous tunes, blending Kazhi's captivating voice with energetic club beats, showcasing Soave's clubbier side. WHOCARES, comprised of Marvin Vogel and Panuma, along with Jaime Deraz, deliver a fast-paced techno-trance cover of KT Tunstall's "Suddenly I See," infusing the 15-year-old blues-country-pop hit with a raw, modern twist, capturing Tunstall's raw emotion while showcasing their years of experience in their cover-driven artist project, inviting listeners not to miss this exciting rendition with tight grooves and hypnotic synths.

Karim, along with houselife and Niko Frost, presents a captivating deep house track, "Find It All Again," following the success of "God Only Knows," showcasing lush synth work and emotive songwriting, with Frost's airy vocals adding a heartwarming touch to this endearing electronic gem, bound to captivate listeners with its deep emotional resonance.

TWOPILOTS, known for their iconic hits and deep knowledge of the electronic scene, deliver a remarkable cover of Minnie Ripperton's timeless single "Inside My Love," maintaining Ripperton's innocent charm while offering a moody and deep beat, marking a potential magnum opus for the duo in cover songs as they strike gold with this untravelled route.

Avi Snow, known for bridging acoustic and electronic worlds, collaborates with BIMINI and Yvvan Back to deliver a cutting-edge deep house track, "Just Let Go," blending hypnotic vocals with dance floor-worthy beats, showcasing his evolution from street guitarist to acclaimed LA-based multi-instrumentalist and producer with over 250 million streams to date, inviting listeners to surrender to its irresistible charm.

Last Rounds…

As we wrap up this exciting release week, here are our last 11 tracks. Unwind with the chill vibes of 5 amazing SOave tracks, or dance to the beat of 6 unique tracks, what our label has best to offer. Get ready to embark on a musical journey like no other – it's the perfect crescendo to a week of discovery and delight!

Thank you for reading through, you can now listen to all of these tracks here. Make sure to add them to your playlists and see you next week!

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