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New Music Friday: Soave's latest music releases

Kav Verhouzer hits you with another anthem

His anthemic prowess just keeps on giving. Kav Verhouzer of the Netherlands is often regarded as one of the faces of dance pop, writing incredibly catchy electronic beats often coupled with similarly memorable vocals. “If You Want My Love”, his latest in a series of summer-ready bops, explores his penchant for bouncy, energetic and driving house productions, especially considering that seriously infectious synth lead taking the fore. Ready for your favourite season? Now you got your soundtrack! 

What’s new?

Embark on a musical journey where Nate VanDeusen joins forces with Peruvian artist Abraham Colona, weaving together the vibrant threads of acoustic pop and deep house in their mesmerizing collaboration, "Missing You Tonight." DT James and Kimbo invite listeners on a sun-kissed adventure with "Mr. Right," a delightful fusion of indie, folk, and chill house that radiates joy and introspection in equal measure. James Lacey's ethereal electronic landscapes meet the soulful melodies of Swedish singer Namelle in "Easy," a track that beckons you into moments of tranquil contemplation amidst lush pads and gentle drums. Braaten and One Trick Pony reimagine Imany's classic "Don't Be So Shy" into an instrumental masterpiece, where Kilma's vocals soar over a backdrop of pulsating beats and infectious rhythms, promising to be the anthem of summer beach parties everywhere. Meanwhile, Shoby and alt-pop songstress Izzie Naylor tug at heartstrings with "Killing Me Softly With His Song," a delicate yet evocative instrumental that whispers tales of love and longing. Join ÆJ and Namté as they paint a sonic portrait of Rome's Eternal City in "Waking Up In Rome," where dreamy melodies intertwine with euphoric crescendos, capturing the essence of romance and wanderlust. Lost In Reveries and artist LeXxìv delve into the depths of emotion with "Two Souls," a hauntingly beautiful track that invites listeners to lose themselves in its enchanting melodies. Honey and Linus Bruhn craft a sonic tapestry of acoustic warmth and electronic allure in "Good On Me," showcasing a seamless blend of their unique styles that is both soothing and invigorating. And finally, Nexeri infuses his signature chill sound with the vibrant rhythms of summer in "Lil' Birdie," where Spanish guitar riffs dance alongside tropical beats, creating a kaleidoscope of sound that is as infectious as it is captivating, with Vancouver-based Vita Flare adding layers of soulful depth to the mix.

Final Djs follows up their recent "Make Me Feel" single with another disco house gem, "Honey," combining retro-inspired instrumentation and vocals with a punchy drum section, paying homage to disco sounds of the past while carving a modern and inimitable path in today's house music landscape, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the sweet vibes of "Honey" and feel the groove on the dancefloor.

CRÜPO, renowned for his euphoric musical prowess, teams up with Finnish dance artist NGHTIME! and German producer liquidfive to craft "You & I," a hypnotic fusion of electronic and pop. Elevated by Tima Dee's soul-stirring vocals, the track strikes a perfect balance between soothing melodies and punchy beats, representing a significant milestone in CRÜPO's journey as a classically trained Dutch producer. Meanwhile, Le P enchants audiences with his latest deep house offering, "Tell Me That You Love Me." Seamlessly blending vibrant synthesis with emotive songwriting and powerful vocals, Le P showcases his talent for crafting festival-ready drops while maintaining an organic feel through intricate percussion. It's a captivating exploration of new ground in the realm of deep house, demonstrating Le P's ability to push boundaries and create euphoric wonders that resonate deeply with listeners.

Spanish-based producer and DJ Kai Prado, celebrated for his gritty, bass-driven house anthems, makes his Soave debut with "Making Stacks," a collaboration with Renato S and Fasto. The track is a pulsating G-house gem filled with drive, thrill, and unapologetic confidence, not only serving as a dancefloor banger but also as a motivational anthem you never knew you needed. It's a stellar addition to Kai Prado's evolving repertoire. Meanwhile, following his recent debut on the label with "Rockstar," Pascal Sebastian returns to Soave alongside Italian Nick Giardino and newcomer J R with "Softside." This punchy G-house instrumental, featuring anthemic vocals from Yoelle, immerses listeners in a world of motivation, intensity, and pure dance euphoria. It's another standout release from the rising Romanian producer, promising to ignite dancefloors and energize audiences worldwide.

Braaheim, Dani Vidi, and ILYAA unleash a dynamic techno rendition of Vance Joy's "Riptide," showcasing their mastery of cover artistry. Their relentless production transports the original track from acoustic realms to pulsating underground dancefloors, inviting listeners into an electrifying "Riptide" experience. Meanwhile, get ready to ignite the dancefloors with BROHM and WHOWHY's stomping smasher, "Lollipop." This chaotic blend of synths, pulsating kicks, and gritty bass lines is tailor-made for techno enthusiasts in 2024. It marks BROHM's triumphant return after a 2-year hiatus on the label, teaming up with French producer WHOWHY for an explosive Soave debut, just in time for the summer season.

Last round!

As we conclude this exciting release week, here are our last 9 tracks.  Unwind with the chill vibes of “Break Your Heart” by Raphael DeLove & Summer Vibes, “Control” by Offmind and dance to the beat of “I Like” by Bad Space & Luupin, “Queen of Kings [Hypertechno Edit]” by VARGENTA & MITCH DB, and “Voyage voyage (feat. ROBINS)” by WhiteCapMusic, Lefwee & Felixx. Get ready to embark on a musical journey like no other – it's the perfect crescendo to a week of discovery and delight!

Thank you for reading through, you can now listen to all of these tracks here. Make sure to add them to your playlists and see you next week!

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