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New Music Friday: Soave's latest music releases

Thank God It’s Friday because Kav Verhouzer and The Melody Men are in the house

Prolific and experienced producer Kav Verhouzer has dominated the dance charts since his project’s inception in 2016. The Dutch artist continues to show why his name is constantly in conversation when speaking of energetic dance music; his 2024 campaign lights up with “Thank God It’s Friday”. And there are many reasons to be thankful it’s Friday - this release being a major one. Multi-faceted writing and production duo The Melody Men add a lush top line to elevate the track in a way to ensure commercial viability. After all, we’re talking about artists who really know what it takes to write a dance anthem! 

Can’t stop there, can we?

Norwegian artist Braaten kicks off 2024 with "Hourglass," a fluid track featuring Dutch singer Heleen, revealing the softer side of his repertoire to over 750,000 monthly listeners. New York artist Nate VanDeusen, following 2023 hits like "Chasing The Sun," partners with Indian producers Xiam and Rukid for the uplifting "Got This Feeling," blending organic electronic soundscapes with an acoustic aura. Dutch artist Menza aims to establish himself among top-tier deep house acts with "Leave," featuring sumptuous synths and emotionally charged vocals, adding to his stream success. Peruvian DJ Abraham Colona's chill house masterpiece, "Horizon," invites listeners on a metaphorical journey with muted guitars and acoustic soundscapes, featuring singer-songwriter David Emde's delicate touch. German artist Meynberg, known for 2021's "Lights Go Down," redefines chill house in his 2024 debut, "Letting Go," featuring lush vocals and gorgeous electric guitars. Russian DJ Boostereo launches 2024 with "Just A Lover," collaborating with i-La, known for "Torn," resulting in a catchy, inspiring, and dance-worthy track.

WHOCARES and Anna Yvette join forces for the energetic house track "The Way You Dance," blending German duo expertise with Yvette's seasoned touch, creating a bright, piano-driven speed house anthem. Croatian DJ Vanillaz presents "The Curse," an electronic hit with a haunting choir and his signature 'BeTheMeister' bass line—ideal for the club scene. Braaheim and ILYAA's speed house hit, "Ameno," adds a delightful touch to playlists, with stuttering vocal chops and punchy drums. With a 6 million monthly listenership, these artists promise a fruitful 2024 journey, inviting listeners along.

Belgium's Jay Baker debuts on Soave in 2024 alongside Coppermines with "No Grudge." The lively track, featuring classic deep house plucks and an anthemic topline, sets the tone for movement at the gym or work—an unskippable gem. Emerging French artist Pierse, recognized for "California Sun" with 600,000 streams, teams up with Summer Vibes, exceeding 10 million streams in 2023, for "Solo." This chill house anthem captures the freedom of unencumbered adventure, evoking a road-trip vibe worthy of a top spot on your playlists.

Last round

Finally, we bring you the finest of our night anthems. Here are 4 more energetic tracks!  “Jolene (Techno Version)” by Emilio, MITCH DB, DREW RC, “Reload” by HYPER BOYZ, Dani Vidi, “Criminal” by TWINNS, Le Boeuf, “Wake Me Up In Paris (Techno Version)” by Anthony Keyrouz, Paradigm will get you groovin’ all night long!

Thank you for reading through, you can now listen to all of these tracks here. Make sure to add them to your playlists and see you next week!

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