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MKJ and RIELL get Wasted On You

“Am I Wasted on You?”, RIELL wonders at the heart of this song. Potential meanings include "Am I drunk off you", "Is my worth unnoticeable to you?", and "Am I losing part of myself to you?", as the artists explain.

Not your average superficial record, then, that the US producer and Canadian singer crafted together. Recently signing with Soave Records for a lengthy singles deal, MKJ shows his housy side on the production of ‘Wasted On You’. RIELL, with a million monthly listeners becoming a more and more established name in the EDM field, continues: “The song is based around the doubts you can have when with someone, because you're too close and too emotionally involved in order to see the big picture.” Something to think about when vibing to this!

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