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Mark Mendy’s Black Gasoline burns like a wildfire in your brain

mark mendy black gasoline artwork

One and a half years after With You, his debut on Soave Records, Mark Mendy returns! The Italian producer and songwriter doesn’t release many songs in a year, but when he does, they are certified hits.

Even more so with Black Gasoline, a collaboration with Australian duo The Beamish Brothers, whose perfect harmonies make this song spin circles in your head. Leaning on a growling bass line, this radio-friendly pop song heats hearts and dance floors alike!

"Black Gasoline tells the story of temptation and is all about the feeling of doing something which feels wrong but not being able to stop yourself", Jeremy Beamish explains. "The phrase 'we're burning black gasoline' in particular conjures up this image of setting off an explosion in the brain which can't be put out. While it's not exactly a happy song, the story is framed as a punchy soul anthem which is both relatable and instantly infectious."

Hear it in our playlist below or find all platforms here!

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