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Exosoul wins the DT James Remix Contest!

Updated: Jan 18

With almost 120 submissions, our latest remix contest was a big success! This time, we asked aspiring producers to remake DT James' 'Voices'. It was the first time we asked to remix a song by one of our singers. It paid off!

After careful assessment, DT James and the A&R team came up with a list of the top 10 best contestants. Music lovers from around the globe were asked to vote for their favorite. In his remake, the dreamy vocals lead up to a mesmirizing deep house drop appeared to be the perfect combination. Out of the over 720 votes, his received the most and therefore chosen as the official winner!

"Exosoul's winning remix of "Voices" by DT James and Kimbo captivated us with its innovative interpretation, giving the original track a dark deep house twist and showcasing his ability to reinvent the song in an intriguing new style."

Luis, A&R at Soave Records

Now, Exosoul will get together with the A&R and Engineer team of Soave Records to perfect the song and get it ready for an offical release on the label.

On behalf of the entire Soave team, thanks to all the contestants and voters! It was amazing to listen to so many amazing remakes of 'Voices' and the engagement that followed after only showed how dedicated our community is.

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