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A touch of Gold by Max Wassen awaits you

Gather ‘round everyone! The time has come for ‘The Entertainer’ to drop his touch of ‘Gold’. After 3 million streams on his Soave releases, Max Wassen lets loose ‘Like Nobody’s Home’. His debut EP is here and the aptly titled ‘Gold’ is truly a goldmine! This golden record starts off with a pensive rhyme of rap before locking us in with its production. The tone is immaculate and the beat is produced brilliantly by Tony Romera.

A definite highlight is his last track ‘Under The Sun’, which begins with a fleeting mix of finger snaps and synth-like organs. When the rhythm kicks in, the tune progresses into a harmonious sound filled with zing, intent, and a full-blown choir. Whether you’re going to church or shooting some hoops, ‘Under The Sun’ is a must-listen that should forever be in your pot of gold!

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