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How About Singers Almost Named James?

So I figured it was a bit sad for singers almost named James not to be included in my previous singers named James blog. Truth is, I don't know that many good singers almost named James. But I do know three, of which Jaymes Young (so close...) is my favourite. I also know a Dutch, a German and a Belgian DJ/Producer who've all remixed his already awesome songs into even more awesome songs. And guess what... they're in this list.

Also in this list is Jamie Woon. He's featured in the oldest remix I know of these guys: the one by Tunesian one day fly Samy Chelly. Doesn't mean it's any less good though. Beats the ones by Melokind and by Fabich & Ferdinand Weber, even though I've used that last one in my mixtape. For the remix of his beautiful song Night Air, Solomun beats fellow German Sacha Braemer's version for no particular reason. The third almost-James is Jamie N. Commons, a Brit like namesake Woon. I picked remixes by two Frenchmen and San Fransico based Slaptop, who always produces particular remixes. If I missed your favourite remix or favourite singer almost called James, please shout at me in anger.

ps. As usual, almost all tunes listed are downloadable for free!

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